jaredsais erikanitz

Jared Sais & Erika Nitz are a dynamic and charismatic duo offering expert tips and clues on reading non-verbal communication of flirting and love for both men and women. Together they have authored the website  www.TheNonVerbalGame.com which is dedicated to helping those looking for love recognize the signals they’ve been missing and understand the signals they’re giving others.

Jared Sais received his degree in Non-Verbal Communication with a focus on Micro Expressions from the State University of Buffalo.  He studied under Dr. Mark Frank, who along with Dr. Paul Ekman, were the inspiration behind the Fox TV series “Lie to Me”.

His counterpart, Erika Nitz, forged her dating skills in the concrete jungle of NYC, her research includes situational dynamics.  She’s been tapped to host the upcoming TV Show ‘Passport to Love’.

Both Jared and Erika are regular speakers at singles events and sites including Single in Stilettos (www.singleinstilettos.com) and The Wing Girl Method (www.winggirlmethod.com).  On www.thenonverbalgame.com Erika and Jared have combined forces to provide singles with insight into the Non-Verbal cues they are giving and receiving.



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