Metro Newspaper

Non-Verbal Game CEO, Jared Sais, is interviewed by the Metro to discuss non-verbal tips and tricks of offline dating. July 17, 2014

Article: Offline Dating – How I Learned To Date From A Professional Dating Coach

Article: How To Hit On Anyone, Anywhere

Video: Learn How To Read Flirting Signs

Quiz: Flirty Body Language

Body Language In Love


Psychology Today

American Cheese


Yahoo! Shine

He Did What? 5 First Date Body Language Red Flags

on April 3, 2013


The Michael Dresser Show Radio Interview

Michael Dresser interviews Erika Nitz and Jared Sais, authors of the upcoming book, “The Non-Verbal Game of Flirting.” January 31, 2013
Click to listen to Michael Dresser interview Jared and Erika

Visit the Michael Dresser Show website

WPTF Radio Interview

Listen to Jared Sais discuss the Non-Verbal Communication and body language of Manti Te’o’s interview with Katie Couric. 1-25-13 850AM
WPTF Doug Kellett “The Morning Drive:
Click to listen to Doug Kellett interview Jared

Visit WPTF’s website


Cupid’s Pulse 

Should We Be Worried about Ben & Jen’s Marriage

on May 30, 2013


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Can Their Love Survive Scandal?

on April 3, 2013


What Beyonce’s Body Language Says About Her Love for Jay-Z

on March 21, 2013


The Bachelor 17, Finale: Sean Lowe Proposes to Catherine Giudici

on Cupids Pulse March 12, 2013


The Bachelor 17, Episode 9: Sean Lowe Sends AshLee Frazier Home

on February 26, 2013


The Bachelor 17 Predictions: Who’s the Best Fit for Sean?

on February 20, 2013


The Bachelor 17, Episode 8: Home Sweet Home

on February 19, 2013


The Bachelor 17, Episode 7: Victory in St. Croix!

on February 12, 2013


The Bachelor 17, Episode 6: Chemistry in Canada

on February 6, 2013


The Bachelor 17, Episode 5: Sean Lowe’s Mistakes and Top Picks 

on February 5, 2013


The Bachelor 17, Episode 4: Deception of Love

on January 29, 2013


The Bachelor


The Bachelor 17, Episode 3: The Good,
The Bad and The Ugly

on January 22, 2013 

Desiree and Sean The Bachelor



The Bachelor 17, Episode 2: Love or Lies?
on January 15, 2013


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


Is Kim Kardashian Still Upset that Kanye West
Shared Their Pregnancy News?
What Their Body Language Tells Us
on January 9, 2013


LeAnn Rimes. Photo E!


LeAnn Rimes Discusses Her Affair with
Eddie Cibrian: What Her Non-Verbal Cues Tell Us
on December 26, 2012



Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart



J. Lo and Casper Smart: What Their
Body Language Says About Their Love
on December 12, 2012 

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